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  1. Library supported Open Access award program to publish the best new monographs in interdisciplinary medieval studies and related subjects.

    Publisher: The Applied Research Centre for the Humanities and Press Ltd

  2. Arm Education Online Courses help students, hobbyists, and engineers accelerate learning through modular online courses that include lecture slides and hands-on lab videos with solutions and interactive quizzes. Courses provide an understanding of fundamental engineering concepts using Arm-based hardware and software technologies as tools and demonstrators. The nine online courses are as follows: 1. Efficient Embedded Systems Design and Programming Online Course, 2. Rapid Embedded Systems Design and Programing Online Course, 3. Internet of Things Online Course, 4. Graphics and Mobile Gaming Online Course, 5. Real-Time Operating Systems Design and Programming Online Course, 6. Introduction to System-on-Chip Design Online Course, 7. Advanced System-on-Chip Design Online Course, 8. Mechatronics and Robotics, 9. Embedded Linux Online Course

    Publisher: Arm Limited

  3. The Art Sales Catalogues Online (ASCO) database contains the Repetoire des Catalogues de Ventes Publiques by Frits Lugt and a complete collection of art sales catalogues from 1600-1900.

    Publisher: Koninklijke Brill NV

  4. arXiv® is a curated research-sharing platform open to anyone. As a pioneer in digital open access, now hosts nearly two million scholarly articles in eight subject areas, curated by strong community of volunteer moderators. arXiv offers researchers a broad range of services: article submission, compilation, production, retrieval, search and discovery, web distribution for human readers, and API access for machines, together with content curation and preservation.

    Publisher: Cornell University

  5. BBC Monitoring is a division of the BBC that provides information for academics, analysts, governments, NGOs, multinationals and international organisations. Its news and research services are based on round-the-clock monitoring of TV, radio, press, internet, news agency and social media sources by analysts in the UK and worldwide.

    Publisher: BBC Monitoring

  6. The Berghahn OpenAnthro UK package is a five journal flexible package tailored for the UK. It includes read access to five journals, all operating a "Subscribe to Open" model, with no fees to publish and a green compliance option for all funded articles.

    Publisher: Berghahn Books Inc.

  7. BibliU is an online platform that provides students with access to their textbooks and libraries with affordable core textbook packages.

    Publisher: BibliU Limited

  8. BioOne Complete is a collection of high-impact bioscience research journals featuring content on an array of pressing topics including global warming, stem cell research, and ecological and biodiversity conservation.

    Publisher: BioOne

  9. A Read and Publish transitional agreement for Bioscientifica's five hybrid journals and archives, including read access and unlimited open access publishing for a fixed fee for two years.

    Publisher: Bioscientifica Limited

  10. Bloomsbury Applied Visual Arts is a comprehensive resource offering instant, searchable access to over 170 books that combine visual inspiration with practical advice on idea generation, research techniques, portfolio development and more, across the main visual arts disciplines including Fashion and Textiles, Design and Illustration, Photography, Film and Media, Architecture and Interiors, and Marketing and Advertising.

    Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing Plc