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  1. Migration to New Worlds is a multi-archive collection that provides an in-depth look at the movement of peoples from Great Britain, Ireland, mainland Europe and Asia to the New World and Australasia during the 19th and early 20th centuries. Thousands of unique primary documents are presented from 15 contributing archives, libraries and museums, including material from the National Archives UK, British Library, Maritime Museum of San Diego, Museum Victoria and the Tenement Museum (New York).

    Publisher: Adam Matthew Digital Limited

  2. Burleigh Dodds have created four bespoke collections of Chapters Online for FE. Subject areas include Livestock; Cereals; Horticulture, and Crop Management.

    Publisher: Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing Limited

  3. The American Association for the Advancement of Science publishes cutting-edge research through its six peer-reviewed journals: Science: the premier global science weekly; Science Signaling: the journal of cell signaling and regulatory biology; Science Translational Medicine: integrating medicine, engineering and science to promote human health; Science Immunology: research articles that report critical advances in all areas of immunological research; Science Robotics: original, peer-reviewed, science or engineering-based research articles that advance the field of robotic; Science Advances: an open access journal for all sciences.

    Publisher: The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

  4. The American Chemical Society is a not-for-profit organisation chartered by the U.S. Congress. With more than 163,000 members, ACS is the world's largest scientific society and a global leader in providing access to chemistry-related research through its multiple databases, peer-reviewed journals, and scientific conferences. The ACS Web Editions collection will contain 58 journals in 2019. ACS also publishes around 35-40 e-books each year, also available via Jisc Collections (an updated offer is in preparation).

    Publisher: American Chemical Society

  5. The American Chemical Society is the world's largest not-for-profit scientific society and a global leader in providing access to chemistry-related research through its multiple databases, peer-reviewed journals, and scientific conferences. We purchased the ACS Legacy Archives to provide institutions free access to the complete backfiles of 22 journals published by the American Chemical Society between 1879 and 1995.

    Publisher: American Chemical Society

  6. This is a transitional agreement for APS Journals, offering unlimited read access to all paywalled content combined with unlimited open access publishing in the Society's 12 hybrid titles. This model also includes a free one-year membership (new members only) to the American Physiological Society for corresponding authors at participating institutions.

    Publisher: American Physiological Society

  7. Founded in 1852, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) represents over 146,000 members of the civil engineering profession worldwide and is the USA's oldest national engineering society. The complete ASCE Journals Collection is recognised worldwide as a core collection in the field and provides researchers and practitioners with the latest civil engineering research and its application.

    Publisher: American Society of Civil Engineers

  8. Annual Reviews is a not-for-profit organisation that provides the global scientific community with review research literature across biomedical, life, physical and social sciences.

    Publisher: Annual Reviews

  9. The Art Sales Catalogues Online (ASCO) database contains the Repetoire des Catalogues de Ventes Publiques by Frits Lugt and a complete collection of art sales catalogues from 1600-1900.

    Publisher: Koninklijke Brill NV

  10. BBC Monitoring is a division of the BBC that provides information for academics, analysts, governments, NGOs, multinationals and international organisations. Its news and research services are based on round-the-clock monitoring of TV, radio, press, internet, news agency and social media sources by analysts in the UK and worldwide.

    Publisher: BBC Monitoring