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  1. The Altmetric Explorer is a database containing details of attention for almost 30 million tracked scholarly outputs, with (to date) over 120 million mentions across a range of online sources. The configured solution provides the option for local institutional data on people, organisational structure and publications to be fed into the Explorer for additional functionality, benchmarking and analysis.

    Publisher: Digital Science & Research Solutions Inc

  2. The 2022-24 Transitional Agreement with the ACS will enable eligible author to publish their research in any of the ACS titles. This unlimited Read and Publish agreement includes publishing in all hybrid and fully OA titles.

    Publisher: American Chemical Society

  3. The American Chemical Society is the world's largest not-for-profit scientific society and a global leader in providing access to chemistry-related research through its multiple databases, peer-reviewed journals, and scientific conferences. We purchased the ACS Legacy Archives to provide institutions free access to the complete backfiles of 22 journals published by the American Chemical Society between 1879 and 1995.

    Publisher: American Chemical Society

  4. American Meteorological Society Journals is a collection of research journals published by AMS Publications. This Read and Publish agreement covers all AMS publications for read access and all-in open access publishing.

    Publisher: American Meteorological Society

  5. This is a transitional agreement for APS Journals, offering unlimited read access to all paywalled content combined with unlimited open access publishing in the Society's 12 hybrid titles. This model also includes a free one-year membership (new members only) to the American Physiological Society for corresponding authors at participating institutions.

    Publisher: American Physiological Society

  6. Annual Reviews publications provide primary research literature in 51 disciplines for the biomedical, life, physical and social sciences.

    Publisher: Annual Reviews

  7. A transitional read and publish agreement that includes read access to all American Physical Society (APS) subscription or hybrid journals as well as unlimited open access publishing in all APS hybrid journals.

    Publisher: American Physical Society, Inc.

  8. arXiv is a not for profit open research platform enabling the rapid dissemination of preprints in physics, mathematics, computer science and related disciplines. Membership supports operating and development costs and contributes to the sustainability of the service.

    Publisher: Cornell University

  9. The Association advances the essential role of a global community of publishers whose mission is to ensure academic excellence and to cultivate knowledge. This membership agreement is available via Jisc to help signpost new university presses and library led presses in order to identify peer support organisations to help maximise their productivity and outreach.

    Publisher: The Association of University Presses Inc

  10. BBC Monitoring is a division of the BBC that provides information for academics, analysts, governments, NGOs, multinationals and international organisations. Its news and research services are based on round-the-clock monitoring of TV, radio, press, internet, news agency and social media sources by analysts in the UK and worldwide.

    Publisher: BBC Monitoring