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  1. a-n The Artists Information Company is a UK-wide arts organisation that supports visual artists and their employers by widening access to professional information, resources and support. Covering art and design, visual arts, fine art, applied art, public art, art history and cultural policy, this resource contains critical and practical content suited for vocational and academic students.

    Publisher: AN:Artists Information Company

  2. The American Association for the Advancement of Science publishes cutting-edge research through its six peer-reviewed journals: Science: the premier global science weekly; Science Signaling: the journal of cell signaling and regulatory biology; Science Translational Medicine: integrating medicine, engineering and science to promote human health; Science Immunology: research articles that report critical advances in all areas of immunological research; Science Robotics: original, peer-reviewed, science or engineering-based research articles that advance the field of robotic; Science Advances: an open access journal for all sciences.

    Publisher: The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

  3. Science Classic is the digitised full-text archive of Science from AAAS featuring the collection of issues published between 1880 and 1996.

    Publisher: The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

  4. This is an Addendum to the Jisc Wiley Read and Publish Agreement for the term: 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2023. This is an Additional Authorised User (AAU) Offer from the Publisher for Transnational Education (TNE).

    Publisher: Wiley Subscription Services Inc

  5. This is where organisations established as eligible to participate in Jisc Collections licensed agreements for collections of journals, e-books content and databases, can sign up for Academic Affiliate Membership or renew their membership.

    Publisher: Jisc Services Limited

  6. InteLex Corporation's Past Masters series provides full-text electronic editions in philosophy, built upon acquired and newly-developed definitive editions of the full corpora of the seminal figures in the history of the humanities, including published and unpublished works, articles and essays, reviews and correspondence. Past Masters also includes significant bodies of work in political thought, religious studies, sociology, the history of science, economics, and classics. Original language texts are available in Latin, French, German, Danish and Dutch, aside from English and English translation.

    Publisher: Academic Rights Press Limited

  7. Music Industry Data MusicID is a database of sales data from international reporting agencies, featuring more than 5,452 different charts worldwide covering all genres from 74 countries including Billboard and similar country specific industry publications. For recent years, MusicID includes Spotify (stream counts), Apple Music (streaming), iTunes (downloads) and Shazam (search count) data. MusicID provides researchers with sophisticated infographics and authoritative data, making it an essential tool for advancing new insights and ideas.

    Publisher: Academic Rights Press Limited

  8. ACLS Humanities E-Book (HEB) is a digital collection of over 5,500 seminal books in the humanities and related social sciences. These titles are presented in collaboration with more than 120 publishers and Michigan Publishing. Books in the HEB collection have been recommended and reviewed by scholars and constituent learned societies of the American Council of Learned Societies. HEB is now hosted on the Fulcrum platform.

    Publisher: LYRASIS, Inc

  9. Migration to New Worlds is a multi-archive collection that provides an in-depth look at the movement of peoples from Great Britain, Ireland, mainland Europe and Asia to the New World and Australasia during the 19th and early 20th centuries. Thousands of unique primary documents are presented from 15 contributing archives, libraries and museums, including material from the National Archives UK, British Library, Maritime Museum of San Diego, Museum Victoria and the Tenement Museum (New York).

    Publisher: Adam Matthew Digital Limited

  10. Burleigh Dodds have created four bespoke collections of Chapters Online for FE. Subject areas include Livestock, Cereals, Horticulture and Crop Management.

    Publisher: Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing Limited