AAAS Science Classic Agreement (perpetual access period)

  • Start: 1 Jul 2014
    Expiry: 30 Jun 2114
  • Description:

    Science Classic is the digitised full-text archive of Science from AAAS featuring the collection of issues published between 1880 and 1996.

Product overview

Science Classic is fully integrated with the current content of Science Online making it easier to search the entire collection. The archival content includes groundbreaking research articles and reports, news of the week and news focus, editorials, letters, book reviews, policy forms, article reviews, brevia, perspectives, association affairs and technical comment abstracts.

Publisher selection policy

AAAS has included all content that was published in print between July 1880 and December 1996. As the journal came online in 1997 content published prior to 1997 was not previously available until the archive was digitised.

Backfiles or archives included

Science Classic is the archive for the journal Science and goes from 1880 to 1996. If an institution would like access to other AAAS/Science e-resources, Science, Sciencexpress, Science Signaling, or Science Translational Medicine, they would need to contact AAAS/Science for a quote.

Description timeline

Science Classic covers content from 1880 to 1996.

Update Type


Update Notes

Science Classic is a static resource. It is possible that irregular updates may be made to fix errors and to maintain the currency of the technical standards.

American Association for the Advancement of Science: Jisc Collections: Science Classic Archive 1880-1996 (2014-2114)

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