a-n The Artists Information Company Agreement 2017-2020

  • Start: 1 Aug 2017
    Expiry: 31 Jul 2020
  • Description:

    a-n The Artists Information Company is a not-for-profit organisation that supports visual artists and their employers by widening access to professional information. Covering applied art, art history, cultural policy, fine arts, and public art, this resource contains critical and practical content suited for vocational and academic students.

Product overview

a-n The Artists Information Company is a leader in research and information for and about contemporary visual arts practice. It offers vital online resources and information for art students, course tutors and researchers.

The core of the online resources are practical guides and toolkits to support artists at every career stage. Content covers all areas of visual arts practice, managing a professional career, catering for practicing artists, students, HEI course leaders and tutors. a-n currently offers:

  • Signpost, a-n's new graduate guide providing recent visual and applied arts graduates with insights into professional development support systems
  • Professional development resources including interactive toolkits for contracts and artists' fees, profiles on artist role models and livelihood strategies. This includes practical guides on improving chances of getting work, applying for grants, proposal writing, putting on exhibitions, approaching galleries and agreeing a contract, becoming self-employed, getting legal advice, fees and payment for artists
  • An extensive archive of published materials since 2000, including collections, good practice publications and learning resources, in text and pdf format
  • Regular updates with a monthly e-digest of news, newly published materials, learning resources and opportunities
  • Free student membership for undergraduate art and design students*

*a-n provides a free online student membership for students on a BA or equivalent undergraduate art or design course.

Students have individual access to:

  • Online community - connect with other students, artists and arts organisers, with tools for blogging, collecting and conversing
  • Resources - plentiful early career advice plus professional guides, profiles, contracts, research, toolkits, and archives
  • Jobs and opportunities - full access to listings to learn about the environment for work and find opportunities
  • Events - invites to artists' events for networking and professional development

Additional services are available to Jisc Collections subscribers, with fees charged at reduced rates:

  • Talks, seminars, workshops from expert speakers, lecturers, and contributors for art and design undergraduate or post-graduate study bringing knowledge of visual arts employment, careers and professional development and sustainability strategies into course teaching modules
  • Visual arts briefings to staff and departmental or academic conferences and panels on employment
  • Professional practice modules - institutions can collaborate with the publisher to design and deliver high quality learning experiences for students and course tutors, led by inspirational artists, experienced lecturers and academics
  • Promotional materials and advertising for institutions. Subscribers should contact ads@a-n.co.uk to find out more

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November 2000 - present.

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