Clarivate Analytics BIOSIS Previews Backfile 1969-2008

  • Start: 1 Oct 2009
    Expiry: 30 Sep 2112
  • Description:

    BIOSIS Previews provides bibliographic information for traditional biology subjects; including botany, zoology and microbiology to related fields in agriculture, pharmacology, bio-physics, ecology, bio-engineering and experimental clinical medicine.

Product overview

BIOSIS Previews are digitised versions of Biological Abstracts and Biological Abstracts/Reports, Reviews, and Meetings.

Biosis Previews offer

  • Coverage of nearly 6,000 journal titles, containing 18 million records with coverage from 1926 to the current day
  • Over 165,000 documents from more than 1,500 meetings
  • Specialised indexing, with tags to vital data such as CAS Registry numbers, Enzyme Commission numbers, and cross-references throughout to gene, disease and organism names

Biosis Citation Index offers

  • Information on emerging research trends
  • Integrated searching, writing, and bibliographic management
  • Cited reference searching with a citation score card to keep track of citation counts from various resources
  • Author identification, analysis and visualisation tools
  • Searching capabilities such as spell check, left hand truncation, and auto detect for search terms

Further information is available.

We purchased the BIOSIS Previews Backfile 1969-2008 to offer it free of charge to UK higher and further education institutions, and Research Councils.

New subscribers have the opportunity to receive access to the BIOSIS Previews Current Data at a discounted rate. The new agreement also provides access to the new Biosis Citation Index at no extra cost.

*TRS (Thomson Reuters) LLC now trades as Clarivate Analytics.

Clarivate Analytics contact

Stephen Smith
Country account manager

Publisher selection policy

The BIOSIS editorial group evaluates and selects journals based on the publication's attributes:

  1. Subject
  2. Editorial content
  3. Publication attributes
  4. Geographic origin
  5. Scope

Guidelines are established for selected journals based on their content. The editorial group chooses which journal items will be included in BIOSIS coverage. All content included is peer-reviewed.

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