British History Online Premium Content Agreement 2018-2023

  • Start: 1 Nov 2018
    Expiry: 31 Oct 2023
  • Description:

    British History Online (BHO) is a not-for-profit digital library of key printed primary and secondary sources relating to British and early colonial history from 1100 to the mid-20th century, with a focus on the medieval and early modern periods.

Product overview

BHO offers open access content that includes over 1,100 volumes of records on the local, architectural, administrative and legal history of Britain. Jisc subscribers benefit from full access to the Premium Content, which includes an additional 186 volumes of state papers and calendar rolls. The calendars are an essential source for historians of medieval and early modern Britain, particularly for the study of central government and administration.

British History Online's Premium Content includes:

  • Calendar of State Papers, Domestic; the Calendar of State Papers for Scotland and Ireland
  • Calendar of Border Papers
  • Calendar of Home Office Papers of George III
  • Parliament Rolls of Medieval England; the Calendar of Close Rolls
  • Calendar of the Committee for the Advancement of Money
  • Calendar of the Committee for Compounding

The online calendar texts are fully searchable, and access to their original page scans (where applicable) is also available for subscribers. The full list of Premium Content is available.

Premium Content subscribers receive:

  • Exclusive access to 186 volumes of state papers from medieval and early modern Britain, all fully searchable by keyword
  • Page scans of the original printed calendars in our Premium Content collection
  • Exclusive access to page scans of the original print volumes that are added to our open access content collection
  • Seamless integration of premium content and open access content in keyword searching and browsing

Each volume of the calendars has been scanned, double re-keyed, and converted to Extensible Markup Language (XML) for more accurate and flexible searching. The text layer is accessible for users, making data mining and textual analysis possible.

Publisher selection policy

The British History Online Academic Advisory Board selects publications that are central for research in Britain's history.

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