Policy Commons Agreement 2021-2022

  • Start: 1 Apr 2021
    Expiry: 31 Mar 2022
  • Description:

    One-stop access to more than 24 million pages of curated, high quality policy reports, briefs, analyses, working papers, and datasets from thousands of policy organisations.

Product overview

A discovery, access and preservation service for informally published policy content from IGOs, NGOs and think tanks. An open repository for an institution's own policy content. A directory of 21,000 policy organisations worldwide.

Coherent Digital provides access to Policy Commons for an annual subscription.

A Policy Commons subscription offers the following benefits:

Support multiple departments

Provide detailed, current, engaging, factual content for disciplines like history, area studies, economics, sociology, and political science.

Access exclusive content

More than 500,000 pages of books and reports licensed from leading publishers. Many are exclusive to Policy Commons. Some were previously available only in print.

Help save disappearing materials

Policy Commons keeps copies of orphan content, and they make sure that links stay current. Use their permanent identifiers in your catalogue to prevent link rot.

Integrate easily

Policy Commons provides a full suite of library tools, including MARC records, COUNTER-compliant usage statistics, library branding, and patron access without registration.

Build or promote your repository

Contribute content, and within minutes, it's available across the Commons. Contribute links back to your repository, and they'll drive traffic there.

Own in perpetuity

Receive digital copies of 500,000 pages of licensed material, 300,000 orphan items, and 24 million pages harvested from the web.

Backfiles or archives included

Selected content from the following inactive organisations:

Academia Mexicana de Derechos Humanos
Armenian International Policy Research Group
California Budget Project
Canadian Policy Research Networks
Center d'Etude d'Afrique Noire
Center for the New Europe
Center for World Dialogue
Centre for Applied Studies in International Negotiations
Centre for European and North Atlantic Affairs
Centre for Policy Analysis
Economic Institute of Cambodia
Euro-Balkan Institute
Foreign Policy Initiative
Fundación para las Relaciones Internacionales y el Diálogo Exterior
Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies
International Policy Network
International Security Information Service Europe
Istituto di studi e analisi economica
Liberty Institute
Namibian Economic Policy Research Unit
National Health Policy Forum
Neighborhood Capital Budget Group
North-South Institute
Project on National Security Reform
Public Policy Research Center
Southwest Center for Environmental Research and Policy
The Economic Research Institute of Northern Ireland
The Mowat Centre
The Progress & Freedom Foundation

(accurate as of 1 February 2021)

Any further information:

  • In addition to the discovery service and content offer, members can use Policy Commons to improve the discovery and dissemination of their own policy content (eg from research centres and think tanks located within universities)
  • As part of the membership fee members can specify up to 3 sources that Policy Commons will harvest on members' behalf. Additional sources can be added subject to negotiation.

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All new titles added to Policy Commons become available to members during the period of their subscription.


What is the maximum font size and does text re-flow when you enlarge the font?
Font size is completely adjustable by the end user's browser. The text re-flows when the font size is customised by the user.

Can a user change background/foreground colours or contrasts? How?
No, not via own UI. This may be done in the browser though.

Are there keyboard-only equivalents for all mouse actions? Where could I find a list? Are there short cut keys to reduce tabbing round links?
The only keyboard shortcut available takes you the search field, and that's achieved by pressing the / key. The publisher does not have other shortcuts, but tabbing is reasonably straightforward as the template has been optimised for that.

Is text marked up so it can be navigated in a meaningful way (for example by heading level)?

Can text be selected and read by text-to-speech tools?

Are text descriptions available for all relevant graphics and images?

Where can I find the accessibility statement for this product? Please provide a link.
Link not available yet.


Shibboleth, Open Athens, IP, Username and Password.

Federated searching

Publisher provides federated searching.

Full text linking

Publisher provides full-text linking.

Marc records

Basic records are available for licensed and preserved content.


Members can ask to have their logo displayed on the site. Individual users can create an account to benefit from personal services like alerts etc. Registration is required to upload content.

Post search options

Non-members can perform up to 25 searches per month.

Search options

Boolean AND, OR, NOT. Formal tagging using standard thesauri based on JEL and JEL codes, UN thesaurus + folksonomy.

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David Blake

Email: david.blake@databeuro.com

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Technical support

Pete Ciuffetti

Email: pciuffetti@coherentdigital.net