Fitch Connect Agreement 2021 - 2022

  • Start: 1 Mar 2021
    Expiry: 28 Feb 2022
  • Description:

    Fitch Solutions is a leading provider of credit, debt market, and country and industry risk research, and the primary distributor of Fitch Ratings content. In the education sector, top academic institutions and leading business schools can access this content via our online platform, Fitch Connect. Fitch Connect gives users access to the same Fitch research and data that is used by the world’s leading banks, financial institutions, multinational companies, government agencies, and consulting firms.

Product overview

Institutions will gain access to Fitch's online research platform, Fitch Connect. Fitch Connect gives academic institutions and universities access to:

  • Credit ratings
  • Credit research
  • Financial Implied Credit Scores
  • Fitch Fundamental Financial Data
  • Country Risk and Industry Research (CRIR)
  • Macroeconomic and industry data
  • Curated news service.

Via the platform, institutions can view and download daily analysis, research reports, historical data and forecast data (using Fitch's data tools and excel add-in to access data).

Fitch will offer access to two types of content, which they will make available via their Fitch Connect platform.

Fitch Fundamental Financial Data

  • Fitch Fundamental Financial Data provides financials for over 36,000 listed & unlisted banks across 200 countries and territories globally, and is used by Fitch Ratings analysts as the basis for their ratings.
  • Fitch also provides fundamental financial data for 11,000 insurance firms, 3,000 corporates and 118 sovereigns.
  • Access enables university students and faculty to conduct relevant cross-border peer comparisons and analysis based on standardised banking sector data sets.
  • Data is sourced directly from financial institutions and regulatory bodies, and undergoes over 150 data validations to ensure quality and accuracy.
  • Fitch's market-leading coverage of banks includes in-depth financial statements with up to 550 data points, 50 pre-calculated ratios, including key regulatory ratios such as the Basel III Leverage Ratio, Liquidity Coverage Ratio and Net Stable Funding Ratio.
  • Up to 30 years of historical financial data for banks.
  • Annual and interim financial statements for approximately 3,200 of the world's top banks is available within 48 hours of filing or publication.

Country Risk and Industry Research (CRIR)

  • The Country Risk and Industry Research service provides market-leading economic, political and industry risk research via daily alerts, quarterly reports and proprietary data tools.
  • Universities and academics who use the CRIR service gain access to consistent and comparable Country Risk and Industry Research coverage for 200 key markets (from the Caribbean to China) and 22 industries (healthcare to infrastructure) – with a focus on emerging and frontier markets.
  • Fitch coverage is vast and has utility across different types of course and academic institution. Fitch offers access to timely, consistent political, economic and operational risk analysis, as well as access to 2.7 million lines of data and forecasts, and proprietary risk/reward indices.
  • Academics rely on Fitch research in the knowledge that the forecast methodologies are transparent and our data and analysis is used to support strategic and commercial decision-making at the world's leading business organisations.

For the multi-year subscription option, please see the following product page:

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Fitch are working proactively to ensure their platform is compliant with W3C standards in the future.

What is the maximum font size and does text re-flow when you enlarge the font?
Users can maximise font size on Fitch Connect using zoom functionality on their desktop. Generally, re-sizing in this way flows without issue. Fitch does not currently support font size changes at the browser level.

Can a user change background/foreground colours or contrasts? How?
N/A. This functionality is not available on the Fitch Connect platform.

Are there keyboard-only equivalents for all mouse actions? Where could I find a list? Are there short cut keys to reduce tabbing round links?
Users can use tabbing to move through the main sections and pages on the Fitch Connect platform.

Is text marked up so it can be navigated in a meaningful way (for example by heading level)?
Headings and text are formatted in a logical way so as to make navigation of the Fitch Connect platform intuitive and easy for users.

Can text be selected and read by text-to-speech tools?
N/A. The Fitch Connect platform does not currently support text-to-speech tools.

Are text descriptions available for all relevant graphics and images?
Fitch make text descriptions and definitions available for the different fields and data line items shown in the Data Tools section of the website.

Where can I find guidance for all these features?
The Support section of the Fitch Connect website contains an interactive tour of the key features, as well as a Data Dictionary and FAQ section. Fitch also provide in-depth and personalised training for users, and have a dedicated Client Services team that is available to answer queries via telephone and email.

Institutions can contact Jisc Collections Helpdesk via:


The Fitch Connect platform can be tailored to meet the needs of unique users, allowing them to create their own custom portfolios, benchmarks and alerts, together with global search preferences.

Users will be able to find, organise and monitor entities of interest through the creation of customised views, portfolios, benchmarks and alerts; as well as share those with other users in the same group. They'll also be able to download reports and export relevant data in Excel.

Post search options

Fitch Advanced Search options mean content is searchable using a diverse range of search criteria. These include accounting standard and financial statement date, or more general content filters such as geography, sector, etc.

Once content has been surfaced on the platform, users can view it online or print it, and in the case of research, download the pdf.

Data can also be downloaded directly from the platform, although large data downloads are best facilitated using Excel add-in or API.

Search options

Fitch Search & Discovery option enables content discovery through advanced searching, including the use of Boolean operators. These can be carried across all Fitch Connect content sets by typing in the "search" bar from anywhere in the platform.

Usage statistics

Fitch can provide Usage Reports based on client requests.

Login information

Administrative support

Aron Rodriguez
Phone: 0207 246 3573

Product documentation

Fitch have in-depth product information available on their website:

Subscription help

Technical support

Fitch Solutions Client Services
Phone: 0203 530 2400

Training materials

Training materials are available to a user once they are logged into the platform. These materials can be found under the Support section of the site, which contains an interactive tour of the key features, as well as a Data dictionary and FAQ section.

Fitch also has a dedicated sales and client support team who onboard clients, as well as product specialists, who provide tailored training to their users.

User support

Fitch Solutions Client Services
Phone: 0203 530 2400