SpringerCompact Journals Agreement 2021-2022 - Existing Subscribers Only

  • Start: 1 Jan 2021
    Expiry: 31 Dec 2022
  • Description:

    This offer relates to the updated and amended SpringerCompact agreement 2019-2021, combining hybrid open access publishing in ~1,900 Springer journals and access to the content of ~2,500 Springer journals for the period 2019 to 2021, now extended to 2022 and including the 38 Academic Journals.

Product overview

This replaces the original three-year agreement from January 2019 until December 2021 which has now been amended following an improved offer to include the 38 Academic Journals from Jan 2021 and will run until December 2022.

The agreement continues to be a model where funds that previously paid for subscriptions will instead be used to fund OA publication in Springer hybrid journals.

Following negotiations with SpringerNature, the total fee enables articles by UK corresponding authors in affiliated member institutions to be made open access in Springer hybrid journals and and hybrid Academic Journals on nature.com. All participating UK academic institutions will also have subscription access to all the Springer journals and Academic Journals on nature.com.

Eligible institutions/group: This offer is available to all UK Higher Education institutions and Research Councils. A separate Access Only offer for Further Education is available.

Currency: € Euros for Higher Education. A GBP option is available if required, please note we levy a currency conversion fee for sterling invoices.

Product/Licensed Material on offer: All Springer branded titles and will include all transfer and new start titles with the exception of any major Springer acquisitions. As per Jisc Collections and Springer Nature's original intention, we have agreed to include the Academic Journals in the Compact agreement from January 2021 with an addendum being signed. The Adis titles will also be included with this licensed content as part of the titles that may be accessed under the agreement.

All quotations have been sent directly to institutions via email, in advance of releasing this offer and a read fee and a publishing quotation fee uploaded.

Over the term of the current agreement, more institutions (including FE colleges) joined SpringerCompact than anticipated, and the total amounts collected were higher than the total amount in our contract with SpringerNature. We have been able to use this surplus to reduce the costs of the new agreement with the reduction allocated to institutions in proportion to the fees paid.

Open Access publishing

For the last three years, the Compact agreement included a cap on the maximum number of articles that could be published without additional payment. These were 4,934 in 2020 and will be 5,588 in 2021 and 5,699 in 2022.

The article allocation is for all subscribers, so the articles would be drawn down on a first come first served basis. Based on modelling of current and projected publishing patterns, we believe the caps will cover all UK publishing but we will continue to monitor this closely, as we did during the current agreement.

If the number of allotted articles are used up within a 12 month period, institutions will need to pay Springer APCs of € 2,380 in 2021 and € 2,428 in 2022. If there is no written confirmation that institutions will top up and commit to additional APC funding, SN will stop the identification process and OA publishing for the respective institutions. No institution is under any obligation to pay for further APCs as part of this agreement.


APC price for publishing additional articles   € 2,380 € 2,428

Springer Nature's average list price APC for Springer Articles published under Compact for the first half of 2020 is € 2,497. In the event that institutions exceed the overall cap in a given year institutions may pay the lower contracted APCs listed above in February of the following year for articles published over and above the article cap. For tax purposes, invoices would need to be raised during the calendar year of publishing.

Backfiles or archives included

Access to currently available contemporary journal backfiles (to 1997 in most cases) is included in this offer.

Backfiles or archives separate

Backfile content for most titles from Vol 1 to December 1998 is available for purchase on a package basis direct from Springer Nature. Please contact Renee Reagon renee.reagon@springer.com for details or prices. 


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1997 onwards.

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