Brill Journals Read & Publish Agreement 2021-2022

  • Start: 1 Jan 2021
    Expiry: 31 Dec 2022
  • Description:

    Brill publishes over 300 journal titles in various subject areas. Brill's publications focus on the Humanities and Social Sciences, International Law and selected areas in the Sciences. Brill publications also include the imprints Brill | Nijhoff.

Product overview

The Brill Journals Read & Publish agreement offers institutions uncapped OA research article publishing in all of Brill's journals (including Gold titles) as well as access to the Full Brill Journal Collection (Humanities & Social Sciences, International Law & Human Rights and Biology).

The publisher is offering a 0% increase over 2020 spend for the term of the agreement.

Existing subscribers of Brill Journals: Read & Publish

Existing subscribers of Brill Journals who would like to particpate in the Read & Publish agreement would be invoiced for the following elements:

  • Existing holdings
  • 2019 APC spend (if any)
  • Jisc banded licence fee

If your institution has no 2019 APC spend, you would be invoiced for:

  • Existing holdings
  • Jisc banded licence fee

If you would like to find out if APC fees were billed to your institution in 2019, please contact Linda Empringham at Brill.

Uncapped OA Research Article Publishing

Academics at the institutions will be able to publish uncapped OA research articles with Brill valid for all Brill journal titles. To view the OA workflow for authors, please see the document Brill OA Agreement 2020 - How to_Guide _for_Authors.

Institutions with no 2020 subscriptions to Brill journals and no APC spend in 2019

Institutions wanting to participate in the Brill Journals 2021-22 Read & Publish Agreement that have no existing holdings and no 2019 APC spend with Brill, will be required to pay a Jisc banded participation fee. For further information please contact Linda Empringham at Brill.

2020 Existing subscribers of journal print copies

If a participating library wishes to continue to receive print copies of Brill journals, we will offer gratis print copies for any of the journal titles the library subscribes to in 2020, for the period the Library participates in the agreement, with print copies shipped direct to the Library from Brill. All requests should be sent direct to

Title list in KB+ (login will be required)

Brill Journals Read & Publish Agreement 2021-2022

You can also download KB+ title lists from

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Backfiles or archives included

All available issues from January 2000 onwards where available.

Backfiles or archives separate

Please note that issues from Volume 1 Number 1 through to December 2009 have been purchased in perpetuity by Jisc Collections and can be accessed free of charge on completion of placing an order on the catalogue page.

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