Third Iron Complete incorporating BrowZine and LibKey (Includes LibKey Discovery, LibKey Link, LibKey Nomad and 2021 - 2023

  • Start: 1 Jan 2021
    Expiry: 31 Dec 2023
  • Description:

    This renewal for Third Iron Complete incorporating BrowZine and LibKey continues from the previous BrowZine agreements and now provides the option of licensing BrowZine and/or LibKey, Including LibKey Discovery, LibKey Link, LibKey Nomad and BrowZine is software that presents the library's scholarly journal collection to allow users to better find, follow and connect directly to the library's journals via BrowZine Web and companion iOS and Android native apps. LibKey comprises LibKey Discovery, LibKey Link, LibKey Nomad and LibKey Discovery works seamlessly with the library's Discovery solution via API to present users with Direct PDF; article in context; and link to latest table of contents for a journal as well as cover images for journals directly in the Discovery system results. LibKey Link is linking technology providing technology providing one-click links to PDFs from databases using a link resolver. LibKey Nomad is a Chrome Browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Edge and other browsers that signposts availability of journal articles from the user's library and offers one-click pdf links and aggregator article links from open web results. is resolving technology that connects a user from a DOI or PubMed ID to the PDF or HTML article as available for the user’s library or open access source.

Product overview

Term: Three years

Start and End date: January 2021 to December 2023

Eligible Institutions/group: HE and Research Councils

Please note that any institution which holds a current licence to Third Iron Complete (placed in advance of 31 December 2018) will automatically receive both BrowZine and LibKey at no additional fee, for as long as they continue to maintain a current licence agreement.

All Institutions (new and renewing) can either:

  • Commit annually and pay a 0% increase into 2021. For 2022 and thereafter this option will always be 15% higher in price than that charged for institutions committing for all three years


  • Commit for all three years, to December 2023 and receive an annual increase of 0% into 2021.  For 2022 and thereafter a 2% annual increase will apply. In opting for the three year commitment, institutions may still pay annually, or if preferred can pay for all three years up-front


Please note BrowZine does not host or publish content.

The library's journal collection is presented in a unified and normalised way across different publishers, allowing users to quickly and easily find and connect to relevant journals. Users are also alerted to new content as it is released in the journals that they select as favourites and these unread article alerts are synced across the user's BrowZine instances on web and iOS and Android mobile devices. BrowZine utilises Knowledge Base Link Technology to directly link your users to the selected journal content and integrates with your remote authentication to allow users to access the library's journals collection anywhere, anytime.

BrowZine provides a number of opportunities for libraries to integrate within their existing websites. Durable links for subjects and specific journal titles enable simple linking to content, and widgets and templates for LibGuides offers a more discipline-specific approach. In addition, API options make BrowZine technology easy to integrate in more seamless way with search and discovery facilities. Collectively, these various options ensure that the right journal engagement experience can easily be provided to your users. Additionally, free training and consultation is provided by BrowZine's all-librarian outreach staff to ensure Institutions make the most of the BrowZine service.

The list of BrowZine-supported publishers continues to grow and is posted online. It includes large STM publishers, such as American Chemical Society, Elsevier, Wiley and Springer amongst others.

LibKey - includes LibKey Discovery, LibKey Link, LibKey Nomad and

LibKey Suite products provide a range of services to connect users, whether remote or onsite, directly to full text content.  All LibKey products are included in LibKey and Third Iron Complete subscription fees.

LibKey Nomad.  A browser extension that connects users to library full text from information discovered on the open web - at sites such as publisher pages, ResearchGate, PubMed and Wikipedia – in one click.  Now expanded to enrich Web of Science and Scopus with journal cover images, one-click access to PDFs and article in context linking.

LibKey Link.  LibKey Link has been expanded to be used anywhere your link resolver is used, delivering one-click access to PDFs from all your popular databases such as Google Scholar, Web of Science, Scopus, EbscoHost, ProQuest and more. is a fast and efficient PDF/PMID lookup tool taking users to the full text article from the library’s subscribed collection or open-access options – you can easily add a lookup to your library’s website providing a SciHub-type direct full text experience for users

LibKey Discovery.  Deliver one-click access to PDF from major discovery systems.  Integration with Ex Libris Primo and Summon has been updated to include links to articles from aggregators and incorporates Unpaywall Open Access article links too.

More information at or see the information video on YouTube.

Third Iron Journal Engagement Service

Combines all features of BrowZine and LibKey Discovery.

A 30 day trial is available.

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Update Notes

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BrowZine strives to meet all relevant accessibility standards. For more information, please refer to:


BrowZine and LibKey seamlessly integrates into many popular authentication systems including VPN, IP address range, and proxy systems.

Full text linking

BrowZine resolves using Open URL and with CrossRef issued DOIs.

LibKey resolves to full-text publisher pdfs and full-text articles at publisher sites using proprietary linking technology.


BrowZine provides the option for a library to include their logo and link to a webpage of their choice (such as the library homepage).

The My Bookshelf and My Articles features in BrowZine allow users to save their favourite journals and be notified when new articles become available and to save custom lists of articles.

Post search options

  • Using APIs, LibKey allows users to download the publisher pdf, view the journal cover image, link to the article in context of the journal issue in which the article first published and view table of contents for the latest issue of the journal directly from search results in the library's discovery service for supported discovery services
  • BrowZine provides seamless integration with Zotero, Mendeley, RefWorks and other popular bibliographic services
  • Additionally, the BrowZine iOS and Android app provides an "Open In..." function where users may export to other applications they may have on their device, such as EverNote, iAnnotate, Dropbox and many more
  • Users may email citations with a link to the article
  • Articles may be saved to the user's device for offline reading using the BrowZine iOS and Android apps

Usage statistics

All full-text requested by BrowZine comes from the publisher's servers and these requests are recorded in COUNTER compliant ways by the publisher. In addition, BrowZine provides native usage statistics in BrowZine and LibKey including sessions, full-text downloads, time in the application, tables of contents views, and My Bookshelf usage.

Login information

This will be the address of your Institution's webpage where users log in. This can also be your unique UK Access Management Federation or Athens log in page.

Administrative support


Tel: 001 855 649 7607

Product documentation

Technical support


Tel: 001 855 649 7607

Via the Settings section of BrowZine.

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