Academic Rights Press Digital Archival Collections: Group Purchasing Scheme 2020-2021

  • Start: 16 Nov 2020
    Expiry: 31 Jul 2021
  • Description:

    Each publisher on the Digital Archival Collections Group Purchasing Scheme has provided a list price based on the Jisc banded structure, with the entry price point decreasing from band 1-10. The price displayed represents 20% off the Jisc banded list price and is the maximum price members would pay (excluding VAT, where applicable). Once the order has been placed, you will immediately gain access to the content.

Product overview

The Digital Archival Collections Group Purchasing Scheme makes primary source materials and archives more affordable to Higher Education. Group purchasing is community-centred, based on the simple market principle; the more products that are purchased, the lower the price for those participating. The scheme runs from November to July of each academic year and guarantees a minimum saving of 20% off the list price of all the products on offer, with the potential to expand to 30% depending on uptake.

e.g. Publisher X has 20 product titles on offer, with discount triggers set at 20% for 1-4 products sold, 25% for 5-9 products sold, 30% for 10-plus products sold;

Six HE institutions across Jisc bands purchase a total of nine products, which can be different or repeat titles from the pool of 20 on offer;

Total discount achieved = 25% off the Jisc-banded list price.

All products are a one-off purchase, with no recurrent platform or hosting fees. Prices are set in a transparent way (excluding VAT that may be applicable depending on the product offered). For a VAT breakdown by product, please review the pricing spreadsheet.

Eligible institutions/ group: Higher Education and Alternative HE Providers


Jisc Collections will be invoicing for this agreement after 31 July 2021 and a Transaction Management Charge (TMC) will apply. Jisc Collections offers flexibility of  an early invoice if required. This may result in a credit note being issued when the final price for the products has been calculated after the 31 July 2021.  

Please place instructions for an early invoice in the "additional information" section of the quotation request. If you have any issues with early invoicing, contact the Jisc Collections Helpdesk for any queries relating to invoicing, quoting "Digital archival collections group purchasing scheme 2020-21 - Academic Rights Press".


Academic Rights Press is making the following collections available through the Digital Archival Collections Group Purchasing Scheme:

InteLex collections of Past Masters for perpetual access license selected from the listed 19 titles:

Music Industry Data 

The statistical database published by Academic Rights Press Ltd. a complete set of data from 1900 to 2020.

Please see alternative catalogue page options below for Academic Rights Press, which are not part of DAC: 

Academic Rights Press InteLex Collections: Perpetual Purchase Agreement: 2020-2023 pricing

Academic Rights Press Music Industry Data Agreement 2020-2023

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Update Notes

These resources are sold as closed, complete collections and will not have any new content added to them.


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