Punctum Books Open Access Supporter Membership 2020-2023

  • Start: 1 Sep 2020
    Expiry: 31 Aug 2023
  • Description:

    Punctum Books is a scholar-led, peer-reviewed, open-access (OA) book publisher devoted to cultivating trans-disciplinary academic work that takes risks with form and style, and to fostering authors both within and outside the Academy, including thought leaders at prestigious universities, early to mid-career researchers at a wide variety of academic institutions, precarious academics, independent scholars, artists, and others who want to push the boundaries of established disciplines and methodologies and who understand the importance of sharing their work with the Global Commons.

Product overview

The Supporting Library Membership Program is designed to support the ongoing operations, development, sustainability and governance of a collectively funded open-access publishing platform (Punctum Books) that cannot exist without consortial investment from university and college libraries, and which returns extremely good value for such investment.

The Institution will provide the Organisation with financial support to subsidise:

  1. The publication of high-quality open-access books in the Humanities, Social Sciences, Fine Arts, and Architecture & Design, with no publication fees imposed upon authors
  2. The collaborative development and sustainable maintenance of open-source and community-owned infrastructure for open-access books in the Humanities and Social Sciences

Membership benefits include the following:

  1. A yearly report detailing Punctum's book releases (35 titles released per year, on average, with a goal to release 40-50 titles per year starting in 2020) and the ways in which member funds are being spent to underwrite those releases in print and pdf editions (XML and EPUB editions under development) as well as to assist Punctum in its collaborations with other organisations and publishers around the development of community-built infrastructure for open-access book publishing
  2. MARC and ONIX records (provided by OAPEN Library) for all of the books in Punctum's catalogue (KBART files under development)
  3. COUNTER-compliant usage statistics (provided by OAPEN, for whole books, and Project Muse, for chapter-level usage) for all of the books in Punctum’s catalogue
  4. Cross-referenced metadata (including DOIs) for all of the books in Punctum's catalogue
  5. Open annotation layer on all of Punctum's e-books and e-book chapters (provided by OAPEN Library + Hypothes.is)
  6. Long-term preservation (provided by OAPEN Library + National Library of the Netherlands) of all of Punctum's e-books and associated metadata
  7. Acknowledgment and Institution's logo on the Supporting Library Membership webpage on Punctum's website
  8. Subscription to e-mail list for library partners and to Punctum's monthly newsletter
  9. The right to use Punctum's logo in marketing activities
  10. A voting position on Punctum's Library Advisory Board for the term of the Agreement (the Board will meet electronically once a year and Board members will always have a direct channel for communication, at any time, with the Directors of Punctum)
  11. A 30% discount on all of Punctum's print editions purchased directly from Punctum (all of Punctum's print editions are also available through GOBI Library Solutions)

This is a three year agreement running from September 2020 to August 2023. Prices are Jisc banded and remain static for the three year period. Please see the detailed pricing document for further information.

Punctum Books has a leadership role in the COPIM (https://www.copim.ac.uk/) project, which is funded by UKRI Research England.

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