BibliU Agreement 2020-2023

  • Start: 1 Sep 2020
    Expiry: 31 Aug 2023
  • Description:

    BibliU is an online platform that provides students with access to their textbooks and libraries with affordable core textbook packages.

Product overview

The BibliU offer provides institutions with access to both e-textbooks and monographs under four different licensing models on the BibliU platform. BibliU also provides COUNTER compliant usage reports and an analytics dashboard.

The BibliU offer is comprised of three models:

Title by Title (1:1 provision), User Activated Acquisition (PDA) and monographs only under a multi-publisher Evidence Based Acquisition (EBA) model.

Title by Title

Select individual titles according to need, the 1:1 model. The licence will be based on the Broadening Access model. Access to students for whom this is a core textbook get access linked via LMS course/reading lists, and all other university students access via Library Discovery Layer.

Indicative pricing for a popular Social Care textbook for 100 students: £1,071 (e.g. £10.71 per student).

BibliU will provide a quotation based on your requirements on request.

User Activated Acquisition (UAA)

This is a managed PDA (patron driven acquisition) model where the purchase is triggered by the student. For textbooks, each triggered purchase is on the Seat Credit model. The trigger for purchase varies by publisher, but is typically 10% of the title's content per student. This model is better for mid-use textbooks.

Monographs can also be added to this model. Any purchases triggered for monographs will be on a concurrent user-based model.

The deposit is managed and the number of titles available is matched to the deposit. A dashboard is provided to allow institutions to track the deposit remaining.

BibliU will provide a quote based on your budgetary and title requirements on request.

Multi Publisher Evidence Based Acquisition (EBA) Monographs only

This provides access to a pool of content as defined by the institution and can be publisher or discipline specific and works well for supplementary reading material.

Students have access to the content for a 12 month period. At the end of this term the deposit can be used to purchase highly used titles in perpetuity on a concurrent user basis.

BibliU will provide a quote based on your budgetary and title requirements on request.

Institutions should obtain a quotation from before placing their order.

Concurrency models

Depending on the model selected, e-textbooks are available on the following licences:

  • Broadening access - Access to the entire institution with pricing based on 100% of FTE for whom the title is a core textbook
  • Seat credit - 1 to 1 access for specific users only

Monographs are available on a 1CU (concurrent user), limited e.g. 3CU or unlimited CU basis or on an access credit basis.


Any institutions that are customers of BibliU under existing agreements will be permitted to transfer to the Jisc Collections agreement. If the Licence Fee for such institutions is less than that paid under an existing agreement, BibliU will refund the difference on a pro-rata basis, taking into account the length of the existing agreement remaining.

Update Type

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Update Notes

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BibliU accessibility page

What is the maximum font size and does text re-flow when you enlarge the font?
Max font-size: Uncapped and completely reflowable.

Can a user change background/foreground colours or contrasts? How?
Yes, users have this ability - login on the app and go to Settings/Reader Customisations.

Are there keyboard-only equivalents for all mouse actions? Where could I find a list? Are there shortcut keys to reduce tabbing round links?
Users are able to navigate through books using keyboard shortcuts as well as the mouse as specified by WCAG 2.0 standard.

Is text marked up so it can be navigated in a meaningful way (for example by heading level)?
Yes - where publishers do not provide fully accessible ePUBs, our platform strives to make it accessible.

Can text be selected and read by text-to-speech tools?

Are text descriptions available for all relevant graphics and images?
Yes, depending on publisher material.

Where can I find guidance for all these features? For further guidance, please email


Shibboleth, Athens, IP address, LMS Single Sign On and Verified email address.

Federated searching

Z39.50 compliant.

Full text linking

Users can link to any book, chapter or particular passage within a book on the BibliU app by copy and paste of the URL.

Marc records

BibliU provide MARC records for each book on the platform.

Metadata standards

BibliU adheres to ONIX metadata standards.


BibliU is able to customise almost any aspect of the platform for specific institutional demands.

Post search options

Search results link directly to the referred book and passage.

Search options

Users have the ability to search specific books or the entire library at once for concepts and images.

Usage statistics

COUNTER 4 compliant statistics available.

BibliU can also offer a fully customisable set of usage statistics on all users and textbooks, including pages read, time spent on the app, percentage of active users and percentage of textbook read.

Login information

Administrative support

Michael Soselia

Subscription help

Technical support

Michael Soselia

Training materials

BibliU offers training for all institutional partnerships. There are several "walk through" guides available on the platform.

User support

Michael Soselia