Academic Rights Press InteLex Collections: Perpetual Purchase Agreement: 2020-2023 pricing

  • Start: 1 Jun 2020
    Expiry: 31 May 2120
  • Description:

    InteLex Corporation's Past Masters series provides full-text electronic editions in philosophy, built upon acquired and newly-developed definitive editions of the full corpora of the seminal figures in the history of the humanities, including published and unpublished works, articles and essays, reviews and correspondence. Past Masters also includes significant bodies of work in political thought, religious studies, sociology, the history of science, economics, and classics. Original language texts are available in Latin, French, German, Danish and Dutch, aside from English and English translation.

Product overview

An intuitive interface provides a "book-like" experience for readers, whilst interactive, multi-level tables of contents and accurate searching allow them to navigate the texts efficiently. Many modules and works now offer "facing-page" displays, with original texts and scholarly translations presented simultaneously on-screen for comparison and analysis.

Each Past Masters collection from InteLex can be selected for purchase, allowing customers to build their own bespoke digital library of texts and to add new components, to meet faculty and student needs, as required. Institutions acquiring collections from Past Masters can support their print-to-digital programs and free up precious space within the library, whilst broadening and easing access to the materials for researchers wherever and whenever needed.

Collections include:

  • Aristotle (Greek, or Greek and English Facing)
  • Plato: Facing Pages (Greek and English)
  • Augustine: Works (4th Release)
  • Brontë, Charlotte: Letters
  • De Beauvoir: Oeuvres
  • Defoe: Works
  • Dickens: Letters, I-XII
  • British Philosophy: 1600-1900
  • Kant: Gesammelte Schriften
  • Hobbes: English Works
  • Luther: Works
  • Nietzsches Werke
  • Peirce: Collected Papers
  • Dewey: Collected Works (2nd Release)
  • Yeats: Collected Letters
  • Swift: Correspondence
  • Wittgenstein: Collected Works
  • Foucault: Oeuvres

Full Title List: For a full list of titles available, please refer to the offer document.

Authentication: Via IP range

The offer: Please review the offer document for full terms of the offer (see title list to the bottom of the document).

Quotation and invoicing: Please request a quote and clearly enter each of the title names required (within the "add a note" field to the bottom of the catalogue page), the publisher can then calculate the discount required and provide a quotation. This agreement is invoiced in US Dollars by the publisher.

Publisher Contacts

Roger Press:

Publisher selection policy

Data from countries around the world is added. Data sets are licensed under exclusive arrangements for the academic market from companies authorised by the music industry to compile the data. Audio samples are sourced from 7digital, one of the world's largest companies involved in music metadata.

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What is the maximum font size and does text re-flow when you enlarge the font?
Text does reflow for larger font sizes for the majority of collections for 80% of the authors. Some are pdf documents about 20%.

Can a user change background/foreground colours or contrasts? How?
Not provided on the service.

Are there keyboard-only equivalents for all mouse actions? Where could I find a list? Are there short cut keys to reduce tabbing round links?
The tab function moves the mouse in many useful ways and covers most functions.

Is text marked up so it can be navigated in a meaningful way (for example by heading level)?
Text is not marked up.

Can text be selected and read by text-to-speech tools? Not provided by the resource, may be available on the particular computer.Yes, text can be selected and read and copied into documents.

Are text descriptions available for all relevant graphics and images?
Not all, users have have informed the pubisher that it is intuitive and tooltips are not required.

Where can I find guidance for all these features?
The product tour:


IP authentication.

Federated searching

The text can be accessed by federated search systems.

Full text linking

Users can link to particular texts within the platform.

Marc records

Counter 4 MARC records are provided on demand with username and password. Additional stats are provided including searches in addition to the MARC standard.

Metadata standards

Metadata follows the usual templates for bibliographic records.

Post search options

Up to 10% of the text can be copied and pasted into research documents to cover fair use provisions.

Search options

Search is full-text, within a volume (particular book) or across all books of an author, or across all resources purchased by the library.

Usage statistics

COUNTER compliant. Provided on request.

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The product tour:

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Telephone number: 0203 303 0345

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