Portland Press All-Inclusive Read and Publish Transitional Agreement 1 year -2021

  • Start: 1 Jan 2021
    Expiry: 31 Dec 2021
  • Description:

    Portland Press Read and Publish Agreement provides Jisc members access to the five-journal package, including all Portland Press hybrid journals and unlimited APC-free, OA publishing in all seven Portland Press journals: five hybrid plus two full-OA journals.

Product overview

Institutions participating in the Portland Press unlimited read and publish pilot will have all their published outputs in 2021 flipped to OA, transforming their historical subscription licensing and facilitating a shift towards open access. This deal will provide participating institutions with:

  • An uncapped number of OA articles from affiliated corresponding authors. No article publishing charges will be payable and researchers will therefore enjoy hassle-free publishing without individual article invoices
  • Online access to all five of our hybrid journals with perpetual access to subscribed paywalled content
  • APC-free OA publishing in all seven of our journals (five hybrid titles that the institutions subscribe to plus two full-OA journals)
  • Streamlined submission and publication workflows and reporting on published article numbers

The Portland Press unlimited read and publish pilot allows full access to and unlimited open access publishing in the following titles:

Biochemical Journal

Exploring the molecular mechanisms that underpin key biological processes, the Biochemical Journal is a leading bioscience journal publishing high-impact scientific research papers and reviews on the latest advances and new mechanistic concepts in the fields of biochemistry, cellular biosciences and molecular biology.

Biochemical Society Transactions

Biochemical Society Transactions publishes concise reviews from across biochemistry and molecular biology. Papers are written by experts in the field, providing a timely snapshot of the latest developments across all areas of the molecular and cellular biosciences.

Clinical Science

Translating molecular bioscience and experimental research into medical insights, Clinical Science offers multi-disciplinary coverage and clinical perspectives to advance human health.

Bioscience Reports

Bioscience Reports provides a home for sound scientific research in all areas of cell biology and molecular life sciences. Since 2012, Bioscience Reports has been fully Open Access and publishes all papers under the liberal CC BY licence, giving the life science community quality research to share and discuss.

Essays in Biochemistry

Essays in Biochemistry offers reviews from experts in the field highlighting recent hot topics in biochemistry, written to be accessible for those not yet immersed in the subject. Whether you are continuing your studies or moving into a new research area, the journal gives a complete picture in one place.

Emerging Topics in Life Sciences

Reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of life science research, Emerging Topics in Life Sciences is a new journal jointly-owned by the Royal Society of Biology and the Biochemical Society.

Neuronal Signaling

Publishing high-quality molecular and cellular neuroscience research, Neuronal Signaling spans a variety of neuroscientific disciplines, from signaling pathways involved in nervous system development through to neurodegeneration, synaptopathies, psychiatric disorders and other pathologies.

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