Bloomsbury Applied Visual Arts for FE 2020-2023

  • Start: 1 May 2020
    Expiry: 30 Apr 2023
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    Bloomsbury Applied Visual Arts is a comprehensive resource offering instant, searchable access to over 170 books that combine visual inspiration with practical advice on idea generation, research techniques, portfolio development and more, across the main visual arts disciplines including Fashion and Textiles, Design and Illustration, Photography, Film and Media, Architecture and Interiors, and Marketing and Advertising.

Product overview

Bloomsbury Applied Visual Arts for FE consists of:

Visual Dictionaries

The Visual Dictionaries offer clear, comprehensive and visually informative definitions of the key terms and concepts in the vocabulary of the visual arts.


Books in the Fundamentals offer a broad overview of subjects like fashion management, illustration, interior design, digital photography and many more. They offer accessible introductions to core theories and techniques, illustrated with examples from creative practitioners.


The Basics series looks at the major topics within each discipline, from identifying an original idea, to designing intuitive user experiences and incorporating sustainability into fashion design. Packed with examples from students and professionals and illustrated with clear diagrams and inspiring imagery, they offer an essential exploration of each subject.

Required Reading

Titles in the Required Reading Range meet the needs of students in the latter stages of their degrees, they offer more in-depth explorations of subjects like designing and animating characters, helping filmmakers learn from art history and how smart design can bring about sustainable change.

Creative Careers

Creative Careers titles help emerging practitioners bridge the gap between academia and their first job in the creative industries - from graphic design, to illustration, game design and art direction.

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The site is fully responsive, so text re-flows for different sized screens and devices, and users can change the font size using browser controls without restriction.

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Yes, using standard browser controls.

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