Springer Journals for FE 2020-2022

  • Start: 1 Jan 2020
    Expiry: 31 Dec 2022
  • Description:

    The Springer journal collection includes more than 2,500 English-language and close to 200 German-language journals. Springer is also home to the largest portfolio of open access journals, including the journals from BioMed Central and the SpringerOpen portfolio.

Product overview

This FE agreement will be based on an annual Jisc banded fee. Springer is offering FE colleges an access only model (no access rights after cancellation).

The title list will comprise all titles published by Springer and will include all transfer and new start titles.

Backfiles or archives included

Access to currently available contemporary journal backfiles (to 1997 in most cases) is included in this offer.

Description timeline

1997 onwards.

Update Type


Update Notes

Information not available.


Springer accessibility page

What is the maximum font size and does text re-flow when you enlarge the font?
The maximum is the browser maximum; Springer set no limit. Text will reflow.

Can a user change background/foreground colours or contrasts? How?
The user can use their browser or Operating System to change background/foreground colours or contrasts. The website will respect this.

Are there keyboard-only equivalents for all mouse actions? Where could I find a list? Are there short cut keys to reduce tabbing round links?
There are keyboard equivalents for all information deemed business/user critical. Some minor information may require mouse action. There are skip links, however SpringerLink does not have shortcut keys, as the commonly held opinion is that the specification for access keys is too vague and can interfere with screen readers, browser default behaviour and Operating System behaviour.

Is text marked up so it can be navigated in a meaningful way (for example by heading level)?
Yes, Springer follow a semantic structure.

Can text be selected and read by text-to-speech tools?

Are text descriptions available for all relevant graphics and images?
Yes. There may be a small amount of edge cases where content from the publishing vendor does not contain all text, but this is out of our control and rare.

Where can I find guidance for all these features?
Institutions can contact Jisc Collections Helpdesk via: help@jisc.ac.uk
Springer Nature Accessibility statement: https://link.springer.com/accessibility


Authentication is via the UK Access Management Federation, Athens, IP address range, and username and password.

Federated searching

The journals are Z39.50 compliant.

Full text linking

The journals are OpenURL compliant and DOI linking is provided.

Marc records


Metadata standards

Yes: see http://www.springer.com/metadata?SGWID=0-1732413-0-0-0.


Personalisation features are available through registration on Springerlink.

Usage statistics

Usage statistics are available and are COUNTER compliant to the latest standard.