Brill Journal Archive Online (self-hosting option) Perpetual Agreement 2019-2023

  • Start: 1 Jan 2019
    Expiry: 31 Dec 2113
  • Description:

    Brill Journal Archive Online, Parts 1 and 1a (Vol 1 to 1999) and Part 2 (2000-2009) have been purchased in perpetuity by Jisc Collections and are available free of charge to UK higher and further education institutions and Research Councils. The publisher has confirmed that it will not make an access fee charge for this renewal period. An access fee may apply from 2023. Alternatively, institutions can host the content for a one-off payment or access the Brill Journal Archives via Jisc Journal Archives.

Product overview

Brill Journal Archive Online provides access to over fifty thousand articles from more than eighty journals published by Brill from Volume 1 Number 1 to 2009. Titles include one of the world's oldest academic journals on Chinese studies, T'oung Pao. See the KBART title list.

Access to the Brill Journal Archive Online is currently available by three routes:

1) On the Brill e-books and e-journals platform, enabling users to cross-search both e-book and e-journal content at the same time.

2) Self hosting the content for a one-off fee payable to the publisher to cover the costs of delivering the content.

3) Alternatively institutions can also access this resource by subscribing to the Jisc eCollections service (via the Jisc Journal Archives platform).

Backfiles or archives included

Volume 1 Number 1 to December 2009

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Journals published from Volume 1 Number 1 to December 2009.

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