ProQuest The Vogue Archive for FE 2018-2020

  • Start: 1 Jun 2018
    Expiry: 31 May 2020
  • Description:

    The Vogue Archive connects researchers with the history of 20th century fashion and culture through the digitised archive of US Vogue magazine from 1892 to today.

Product overview

The Vogue Archive contains the full run of past issues (400,000 pages) and is updated monthly with the current issue. The resource provides valuable primary source material for students across many disciplines. Fashion design and photography students can find inspirational images. Business students can research the history of a brand identity by viewing brand advertisements between specified dates. Researchers in cultural studies and gender studies will be able to explore themes such as body image, gender roles, and social tastes from the 1890s to the present.

Other features include:

  • Resource Linking with One Click: This feature conveniently links ProQuest citations directly to the full-text in your library's other online resources. Users can select collections from dozens of different vendors and publishers
  • Custom Resource Linking: With the Create Your Own Custom Link feature, users can configure custom links for electronic resources (such as a library OPAC) for your institution. Libraries can specify the options and metadata elements used to link to a resource, including OpenURL standards
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  • Google Scholar Library Links: Google Scholar Library Links allows users to link from Google Scholar to other full-text resources at your library

Description timeline

1892 to present

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Update Notes

This archive will be updated monthly.